Clinical Trials

What is a Clinical Trial?
Clinical Trials are voluntary research studies that are aimed at evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention.

Who is involved in a Clinical Trial?
Your treating physician and clinical research coordinator will be a part of your Clinical Trial experience. Your treating physician will continue to directly oversee any medical decisions as it pertains to your treatment on and off trial. Your clinical research coordinator, a certified and highly experienced research professional, will be your direct contact for any trial related questions, questions that pertain to visit schedules, exams, questionnaires, etc.

Why are Clinical Trials Important?
Clinical Trials are a vital step in discovering innovative treatments, practices in medicine, and technology. In addition to discovering new treatments, Clinical Trials also offer an opportunity to continue to improve currently established treatment options and courses of care. Our practice offers both Oncology and Supportive Care Clinical Trials to our patients to ensure they are able to explore ALL treatment options, both novel and existing.

For more information, feel free to reach out to our Clinical Trials department or visit either of the reputable websites below: